Friday, February 17, 2012

Short Answers to Simple Questions

Some peoples asked me questions wit da obvious answers.  So iz will write a short blog post to give you the answers:

Kristy asks: What is your most wise and sagest advice for rowdy puppies?

Answer:  First of all, we do not have puppies around here due to their extreme rowdyness.  Their little puppy brains do not understands how to act calm and reasonable.  All you can do is wait and hope they grows up quickly.  

Tracy asks:  How do I keep my stubborn girl bullie from being so stuborn. She knows when she is doing something wrong but she does it anyway :( She is very smart but she wants to do what she wants.

Answer:  She is not stubborn, she knows what she wants.  You are right, she is smarts lady.  I think dat you should stop trying to deny her da things she loves.  Dat is abuse.  And she is too smart to permit it.

Carol asks: Why does an old dog suddenly decide to get into the garbage...after years of not doing so?

Answer:  Your dog has obviously gotten smarter with age.  Da garbage is where people put all da good stuffs dat dey don't eat and don't want us to eats.  It is really a ridiculous contraption.  I am very proud of your dog for figuring dis out and taking out da food it wants.  

Lucy asks:  Why does Pi never end, and wouldn't it be better if it were never ending pie?

Answer:  You are correct Lucy, dat would be better.  I thinks dat it was some ancient trick that did not work.  They thought if they created a ridiculous number that never ends and named it Pi... then someone would decide that everyone could have never ending pie.  I am currently creating a number called Bacon and hoping I have better luck than they did.


  1. You completely slay me oh wise one.....

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  3. You are so wise Mr. Wilson. I really do enjoy reading all the wonderful advice you have to offer:)

  4. Mr. Wilson, why is da Bertha so good lookin'? - Marvin the Pit Bull

  5. Oh Mr Wilson you are so smart you have me cracking up with your such knowledgeable answers :)

  6. Mr. Wilson is there a way for me stop the doggie stink bombs?


  7. smart, handsome and hilarious. if only you were human!

    p.s. keep me posted on your bacon work. i have deep respect for this field.


    Mr. Wilson, I am asking you this bekause u r very wise but also bekause you know them first-hand....why are Betsy's puppies suddenly pregnant? i know they are all pregnant bekause their bellies are huge like Betsy's was before she gave birth to all of them.

  9. Mr. Wilson I noticed that my dog Dee sleeps ALOT! In fact I noticed many dogs doing the same thing. What could be so exhausting that a dog needs to sleep so much?