Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Da Facebooks Timeline - what da heck is going on?

Marvin suggested I address dis - and also - I am a bit confused myself.  And I am very wise, so I am concerned, by dis confusion.

Da Facebooks sent us a message today saying convert to Timeline or else we will make you anyway.  Dis was a most unpleasant message to wake up to.  So I had to consider whether I would revolt against da Facebooks or do their bidding.

I consulted my furiends.  Da Juno, my girlyfuriend, had already switched and encouraged me to do dis too.  And also, da Marvin switched, but dat was on accident and due to lack of caffeine in da morning.

I tooks a vote on my page and switched because da people had spoken and wanted to see me on timeline.

Here are the good things...
1- I can receive messages from my furiends - at anytime... just send me a message.

2- I can send messages to other pages.  Just today I messaged Marvin to tell him I am more awesome.  Dis is obviously a very useful feature.

3- I can make a big picture and a little picture of me.  Or maybe a big picture made up of many little pictures of me and a little picture - the possibilities are endless, but it means a lot more me.

Now dis is all new and very confusings, but we will make it through together.  Here is my big picture of handsomeness featuring da Wilson Potter, da beautifuls Juno, me, and da Pig (she is in da time outs for her stealing problem).  So dis is part of da awesomeness of my new layout... please bear wit me as I get used to it.


  1. hey, i sent your mommy a message. i made a big picture of you that is made up of little pictures of you.

    i did one for bertha, too, cuz i love her and i didn't want her to feel left out. :)

    1. Dey are brilliant Rachel - just like you - we will be updating our pages, how excitings!