Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Conspiracy of the Bigness - Part 1

MichelleDawn asks:  I want to know when you first discovered the conspiracy of the bigness and how you plan to fight it. 

This is a two part question - today I will answer about discovering da conspiracy of da bigness.  Furst, you must understand, when I furst came home, I was skinny and itchy and missing da furs.  I was also heartworm positive.  So... da mom made sure dat I was comfortable and the other dogs didn't bothers me.  So I had comfortable accommodations and me and da Fatty hung out a lot.  We were around da other dogs, but dey made sure we had our spots and dat we were comfortable and stayed calm through da heartworm treatment.

Then... I started felling betters.  Dis is my before and after pic... once I started looking like da after, I wasn't being kept as calm, so I was out and about wit da other dogs more.... and dat is when it began..

 I noticed da Bertha would do things, like block da ramp to da deck so I coulds not get in da house or yard:

Then, she started lording over my man cave with her bigness.. and uniting with other big dogs to form road blocks:
In da final blow - she invaded my most sacred place, da man cave and traumatized my rememory foam bed:

Stay tuned for my next blog post on how I plan to fight da conspiracy of da bigness!  


  1. I am so honored you are answering my question.

    1. It was an excellent question - dat peoples want to know da answer to - and I will answers it... in da 2 parts.

  2. HAHAHAHAHA, I LOVE your blog....OMGOSH, you msade my Wednesday brighter
    Oh this is Lady Bug's momma by the way