Wednesday, March 14, 2012

My furst Turkey furiend - da Bocephus.

I met my very furst Turkey furiend on da Facebooks.  It iz da Marvin's brother, Bocephus.  And I like him.  Because of his handsomeness and awesomeness.  And also, here is our conversation... for you to enjoys.  But furst, I will post his picture - you can see da Marvin in da background... in awe of his handsomeness:
Hello Mr. Wilson... I am Marvin's turkey brother, Bocephus. Marvin help me set up my page, as many have asked questions about me and the daily life of a turkey. I hope we can be friends!
 ·  · Monday at 1:37am

  • You like this.

    • Mr. Wilson the Elderbull I am so glad you are on da Facebooks! Question: what do you think of da mop clocks?
      Monday at 9:00am ·  ·  1

    • Bocephus the Ex-Thanksgiving Turkey Da mop-clocks are pretty fascinating creatures. They seem to follow me around the yard (as I believe they think I am their protector). Sometimes they will get annoying and I have to peck at their heads to get my point across. I can tell you one thing I know for sure, they suck at telling time.

    • Mr. Wilson the Elderbull I think because of your magnificent size they probably suspect you are a poultry god of some sort. Question- do you wish you had a lady furiend or do you likes being da only turkey on da block?
      Monday at 2:14pm · 

    • Bocephus the Ex-Thanksgiving Turkey I have the best of both worlds you see... I live alone and have my turkey bachelor pad (my coop) but from time to time, the female wild turkeys stop in to say hello. This is the best arraingment, because they are not around to nag on me all the time to take them somewhere nice, or to buy them flowers or candy, or to pressure me into marrying one of them. They just come by for a visit every few weeks or so and then they are gone!
      Monday at 2:17pm · 

    • Mr. Wilson the Elderbull You haz it all figured out. What do you say to convince dem to come visits?
      Monday at 2:45pm · 

    • Bocephus the Ex-Thanksgiving Turkey I puff out my feathers and say, "Hey! Womens! Check out this chest!" It never fails...
      Monday at 2:52pm ·  ·  2

    • Mr. Wilson the Elderbull Question- is da Marvin jealous of your awesomeness and handsomeness? He is very jealous of mine- I also have da big handsome chest.
      Monday at 2:56pm ·  ·  2

    • Mr. Wilson the Elderbull And for alsos- I will post dis on my blog laters- so peoples can read about you. And your extreme handsomeness as a turkey. I do not know any other turkeys, but I assume they lack your handsome.
      Monday at 2:57pm ·  ·  1

    • Bocephus the Ex-Thanksgiving Turkey Your name does not lie Mr. Wilson... you are quite the elderbull. Yes, I do believe that Marvin is jealous of my extreme handsomeness. He has a big chest, but he cannot puff it out like I can. He also does not have wings that drag on the floor due to the gigantic size of my chest. We do have lots of Tom Turkeys that come to visit out property in Bradley, and they have more feathers then I do (this is a result of my inappropriate housing situation at my previous home) but they are much more smaller then I, so therefore, much less handsome and awesome.

And then later... we had more discussions... on how to combine our awesomeness:

And dat is all. For now.  But stay tuned and like da Bocephus for more adventures in turkey-ing.